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Review: NYX Powder Blush + Butter Gloss

April 27, 2014

When I went shopping with my friends a week ago, I bought way more make up than I should have… Including two products by NYX: a Powder Blush in the shade Dusty Rose and a Butter Gloss called Peach Cobbler. Of course I tried them out for you, here’s a review!



The Powder Blush #02 Dusty Rose contains 4 g of product, and costed me €6,99. I paid the exact same amount of money for the  Butter Gloss #06, which contains 8 mL of lipgloss.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

I’ve always been a great fan of the NYX packaging, because it’s very simple and compact. But it’s the product inside that counts, so here are the swatches…

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

The left photograph was taken in direct sunlight, as you can see the gloss looks very shiny! The blush has a satin finish, it doesn’t contain any shimmer but at the same time it doesn’t look completely matte. The gloss is still shiny in the shadow (right picture), and the blush now does look matte.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

First off, let’s look at the Powder Blush in detail. The name of the shade, Dusty Rose, describes the colour perfectly: a rosy, quite nude looking pink. As with most NYX Powder Blushes (for instance the Taupe one), this blush isn’t extremely pigmented – far from it, actually. However, I don’t mind that at all – it just means that you can build up the product until you get the coverage you like, without looking like a clown after the first swipe with your brush.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

When looking at the before (left) and after (right) pictures (sorry if I look a bit dead – at the moment the lightning didn’t cooperate), you can see what I meant. The blush is low pigmented, which results in a very subtle hint of colour. Especially when you’re fair, this type of blush is what you need! I also think this particular shade would suit fair skinned people very well, I don’t expect it to look flattering on deeper skin tones. On me I’d say it looks okay, a bit boring but a nice every day blush to go with every eye/lip make up that I could imagine.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

Ever since I first heard about the Butter Glosses by NYX, I’ve been dying to try one myself. On the packaging it says “Butter me up with divine gloss that feels like it melts on my lips” – how amazing does that sound?! I love buttery, moisturising lip products that feel like a lip balm when you’re wearing them, and I must say that this product does feel nice on my lips. It’s a bit too sticky, though, but I guess that was to be expected given the fact that it’s a lipgloss.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

After taking the first photograph of my naked lips (left), I applied one coat of the Butter Gloss and took the second picture (right). Although the shade is called Peach Cobbler, on me it looks pink and not peachy. Still, it’s a lovely in-between-colour: brighter than your every day shade of lip product, but still very wearable. The shiny effect doesn’t last very long, after a hour or so you’re left with just a pretty pink stain on your lips.

Review: NYX Blush + Butter Gloss

I’m not overly impressed by these two NYX products, I especially expected more from the Butter Gloss. Then again, I also don’t regret buying them – they are both pretty, easy to use products for a reasonable price. If you like that subtle pink hint of colour on your cheeks, I’d definitely recommend picking up the Powder Blush!





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