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Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

May 8, 2014

Although I do adore a balmy type of product on my lips, my favourite type of lip product isn’t a lip butter or a chubby stick. It’s a product that does not only feel nice on the lips, but also one that’s easy to apply, long-wearing and pigmented: a lip cream.

I recently got myself two new  lip creams, one by Bourjois Paris and one by Catrice – here’s a review!


Many brands do these type of lip creams, sometimes they are called laquers or liquid lipsticks but it’s basically the same thing: a lipgloss/lipstick/lipstain hybrid. I’ve reviewed two very bright Essence Stay Matte Lip Creams (which I loved), two lip creams from L’Oréal’s Shine Caresse Range (which I also loved) and three of the Rimmel London Apocalips Lip Laquers (which I didn’t love).

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

These are the newest additions to my lip cream stash: the Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish #030 Strawberry’s Secret and the Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet #02 Frambourjoise.

Rouge Edition Velvet lip cream-002

These are the swatches in direct sunlight (left picture) and in the shadow (right picture). The left swatch (Bourjois) is way more pigmented and matte than the right swatch (Catrice). Both colours look lovely, though!

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

Let’s take a closer look at the lip cream by Bourjois. The packaging has an authentic rectangular shape and looks very chic because of the red/purple and black colour combination. I also really like the applicator, which has the exact right size and shape. Speaking about the packaging: the claims witten on it are high: light texture, extreme comfort, 24h hold and a matte finish. Let’s see…

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

The first picture is of me wearing nothing – on my lips, that is. Before taking the second picture, I applied the lip cream. The colour is a mixture between red and pink, which results in this stunning raspberry shade. The coverage is quite impressive, on the second picture I’m only wearing one coat and it looks amazing. I took the third photograph after applying another layer, showing you that this product is definitely buildable! The finish isn’t completely matte, I’d say it’s more of a velvet (hence the name, I guess) finish – which makes me love it all the more!

I see what Bourjois meant when they were talking about the light texture and extreme comfort of this product. After applying the lip cream, it feels very soft on my lips! Unfortunately that feeling decreases the next few minutes when the cream dries to a matte finish. Then you’re left with… well, no feeling at all, I guess. I eventually even forgot that I was wearing this product, you only feel it ever so slightly when you rub your lips together.

The fourth picture shows you the effect after three hours. The finish is now more matte than before, and the lip cream has faded a little bit around the edges. However, the colour is still vibrant and beautiful looking!

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

Here’s a full face picture of me wearing two coats of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet. It looks so lovely and sophisticated when paired with a subtle matte eye look!

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

I’ve said a lot of great things about the Bourjois lip cream, so it’s about time to look at the other one: the Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish by Catrice. The packaging is average and lipgloss-like, something I’ve seen before many times. The wand strongly resembles the one by Bourjois, it’s a bit bigger though. Discover the triple advantage: the colour of a lipstick, the longevity of a stain and the shiny finish of a lipgloss! Once again, the claims are high.

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

First of all: I like the colour of this lip cream a lot! It’s a hard-to-describe, in-between colour with hints of red, orange, peach and pink. Just a nice and fresh every day colour that would suit many different people. But here’s the thing: I don’t agree with Catrice on the whole ‘triple advantage’ thing – in my experience it’s really just a lipgloss. After the first coat (picture 2), the coverage is quite low. The next coat (picture 3) adds a lot of shine but unfortunately not a lot of colour. A few hours later (picture 4) there’s only a wash of colour left.

Furthermore, the product feels like a lipgloss on my lips: very sticky. Don’t get me wrong, I do not dislike this Catrice Lip Polish – it’s just that I wouldn’t sell it as a lipgloss/lipstick/lip stain hybrid type of product.

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

The lip cream looks less bright and less pink in real life then on this full face picture. Still, the colour is pretty and very flattering!

Review: Lip Creams by Bourjois & Catrice

To wrap things up: I’m blown away by the Bourjois Paris Rouge Edition Velvet; blown away by its pigmentation, finish, formula and staying power. As I said before, I don’t dislike the Catrice Made To Stay Smoothing Lip Polish, but to me it’s just a pretty lipgloss instead of an outstanding lip cream.

I’ve written a lot of words (821 in case you want to know) by now, so it’s time for me to shut up. I hope you’re having a nice day!




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