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Review: Lancaster Summer Splash EDT

May 12, 2014

Like every year, I’m extremely excited that summer is coming. This means I start buying and trying out summer themed products at the beginning of spring. A summer themed product I came across last week is the Summer Splash Eau de Toilette by Lancaster -which I’m reviewing for you today!



I just had to buy this Eau de Toilette because of the amazing offer: €10 for a bottle of 100 mL! Most perfume bottles contain 30 or 50 mL, so this one is huge! Of course I looked up the original retailing price of the Summer Splash EDT, which is €45. How do you expect me to resist such a great deal?

Obviously, I didn’t resist.

Review: Lancaster Summer Splash EDT

The bottle comes in this bright, summery blue-sky-with-palm-trees box – isn’t it beautiful? As you can tell from the writing on the packaging, this Eau de Toilette ‘can be worn in the sun’. Lancaster is referring to the fact that the alcohol in most perfumes reacts to the sunlight in a way that irritates your skin, making your skin look red or feel itchy. I haven’t experienced this myself, so I for me there isn’t a difference between the Summer Splash EDT and regular perfumes.

Review: Lancaster Summer Splash EDT

Once you’ve unpacked the product (without throwing the box away because it’s gorgeous), this is what the bottle looks like: quite a simple orange-with-blue design. The bottle is rather big and heavy, which I find frustrating because I’d love to take this perfume with me on holidays. I already had a picture in my head of me lounging at a pool somewhere in Italy, drinking cocktails (although I don’t even like cocktails) and spraying this summery scent on me every once in a while. Unfortunately, this type of bottle isn’t suitable for travelling at all… A plastic bottle may have looked less fancy, but I’d prefer it nevertheless!

Review: Lancaster Summer Splash EDT

Now let’s talk about the actual scent! When I first smelled this perfume, I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not. It’s not a subtle scent, I find it quite sharp and heavy – something I had to grow accustomed to, because I’m used to wearing quite subtle, delicate perfumes. That being said, after a few days I noticed that I began to like the scent more every time I wore it. I have to agree with the description on the Lancaster website: ‘… with hints of orange blossom and warm musks, Summer Splash guarantees an explosion of summer sensations any time of year’. The scent is warm and vibrant, it definitely wakes you up when you spray it on in the morning. I wouldn’t wear it any time of year, though, I find the scent only suitable when it’s very warm outside.

How does the Summer Splash Eau de Toilette perform when taking a look (or a whiff, rather) at the lasting power? I expected the scent to be long-wearing because it’s so vibrant, and I was quite right about that! But unfortunately it doesn’t linger around that much longer than your average Eau de Toilette, so I do like to spray it on again halfway through the day. Because of the bottle size I don’t mind that, though!

Review: Lancaster Summer Splash EDT

If you like vibrant perfumes that smell of summer, I’d definitely recommend the Summer Splash Eau de Toilette – that is, when you don’t plan on taking the bottle with you on vacation and therefore don’t mind the heavy packaging. Do make sure you smell the scent before buying it, as I can imagine some people absolutely hating it. However, I love this perfume and I can’t wait to wear it during the summer!




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