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3 Product Make Up Tutorial

May 30, 2014

When you’re staying over at a friend’s house, you obviously don’t want to take your whole beauty case with you. Maybe you’re someone who does her make up at school or on the way to work? Or maybe you just don’t have money to buy a load of make up products (that’s me).

These are all situations when it’s nice to know how to create a full look with just a few products.

Today I’m going to show you just that: a complete make up look with three products!






These are the three items that you’re going to need: a concealer, mascara and a sheer lipstick (or a tinted lip balm or chubby stick).

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

The exact products I’m using are:

  • Maybelline New York The Eraser Eye Concealer in Light review
  • Max Factor Masterpiece Max Mascara in Black
  • Clinique Chubby Stick Moisturising Lip Colour Balm #05 Chunky Cherry review

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

(The left picture is me without any make up on.)

Step 1

When I have to choose between taking a concealer or a foundation with me, I always pick the concealer. Who needs foundation if you can just apply a shit load of concealer? Make sure you have a concealer at hand that is suitable for using both underneath your eyes and on the rest of your face, as some are only meant for one of these two things. I applied dots of concealer to my under eye area, on my lids, on and around my nose and on my chin. Then I used my Real Techniques Setting Brush (review) to blend it out – if you haven’t got a brush with you, though, you can easily use your fingers to blend.

3 products make up tutorial

Step 2

Of course you can use mascara to thicken, darken en lengthen your eyelashes, but did you know that you can also use it as your eyeliner? You do need an eyeliner brush to do this so I’m cheating a bit – I hope you don’t mind. Just get a bit of mascara from the top of the wand on your brush, and line your eyes! You can choose to add a wing, or even line your waterline or lower lash line while you’re at it.

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

After this, you can of course use your mascara the regular way: apply one or multiple coats to your upper and/or lower lashes.

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

Step 3

Now we are going to use the lipstick (or chubby stick, in my case) instead of blusher – make sure you don’t use a lip product that’s very pigmented or dry textured. A sheer creamy/balmy type of product is the way to go! Apply a few dots on your cheeks and quickly blend it out using your fingers. Be careful and start out with a tiny bit of product, otherwise you’ll end up with a big, bright blob of colour on your cheek. You can always apply more if necessary!

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

When you’re done, apply the product to your lips.

3 Product Make Up Tutorial

And that’s it! This is the final look:

3 Product Make Up Tutorial


The great thing about this tutorial is that you’re basically using six products (concealer, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blush and lipstick) while you only have to take three products with you.

You can of course change things up a bit by blending your eyeliner or using a different lip and cheek colour.

It’s also possible to use a lip gloss as your cheekbone highlighter, so maybe you want to take a lip gloss with you instead of a lipstick.

Or you can ditch the lip product and instead take a highlighter with you that you can use on your cheekbones, eyes and lips.

You can also grab a brown eye pencil and use it to define both your eyes and your brows… The options are endless!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful. Have a great day!





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