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Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

June 6, 2014

It’s no secret that Bourjois Paris is one of my favourite brands. The Healthy Mix Foundation, the Rouge Edition Velvet… So when I saw these cute little Bourjois lip palettes, I just had to try them. Of course I reviewed these two products for you, click Read more if you want to know all about them!



The palettes are called the Colorissimo Lip Palettes #01 Rouges Collection and #03 Roses Fashion, and they contain three shades of lipstick each.

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

The palettes come in a plastic packaging that’s a bit cheap looking, in my opinion. Something that I immediately found ridiculous, is that Bourjois included a sponge applicator, which you can see on the picture below. Is it just me, or is this an eyeshadow applicator? I can’t imagine someone using this for applying a lipstick…

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

Let’s first take a look at the #01 Rouges Collection palette. To me, the shade selection looks very chic and glamorous, definitely not suitable for everyday wear. The upper lipstick is a reddish pink colour, the middle one a vibrant, classic red, and the last one is quite a vampy looking dark red shade. Or at least, that’s what they look like in the packaging – I find that most lipstick palettes generally turn out less intense than you would expect them to be by just looking at the packaging.

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

This is the second palette I got, called #03 Roses Fashion. This one contains three pink lipsticks: a nude, a bright coral and a hot pink shade. At first sight I really like these three shades, looking all rosy and romantic. Let’s hope that they indeed look like this once applied to the lips!

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

Here you can see the swatches on my arm. As you might be able to understand, I was quite disappointed at this point. The lipsticks aren’t that pigmented… They all look more or less the same – the red shades are more pink than red – which I didn’t expect at all. However, we  must not lose all hope before looking at the swatches on my lips…

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

First off all: these are my lips without anything on them. As you can see, they are rather dry – a good opportunity to see how well these lipsticks moisturise your lips.

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

Here I applied the second lipstick from the #03 Roses Fashion palette, which looks like a bright coral shade in the packaging, and like an average rosy pink shade swatched on my arm. On my lips, it’s somewhere in between these two things: it is decently pigmented, but far not as bright as I’d first expected. I quite like the velvet finish, it’s more matte than I’d expected it to be. Although the formula feels quite creamy, it does enhance the dry patches on my lips.

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

For this picture I decided to use two shades from the #01 Rouges Collection palette: the second one on the centre of my lips, and the darkest shade in the corners. Unfortunately I couldn’t really notice a difference between the shades in real life, it just results in this medium to dark shade of pink/red. I don’t really like this colour and again, the lipstick clings to the dry patches on my lips… I’m not a fan.

Review: Bourjois Paris Colorissimo Lip Palettes

I hate to be negative about make up products – especially when they are by a great brand – but these two palettes really didn’t live up to my expectations. Sure, the pink shades look nice and the texture and pigmentation of the lipsticks are fairly ok – I just don’t think they are innovative, nor of great quality. I’ll continue using them and maybe I will find a shade I like, but for now that’s all I can say about the Bourjois Colorissimo Lip Palettes.





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  1. June 6, 2014 5:08 pm

    It’s kind of ridiculous that they included a sponge applicator for a lip palette. Shame the lip colors aren’t pigmented enough :( I do like how #03 Roses looks though!


  2. Christy permalink
    October 29, 2016 2:41 am

    Thank you for this lovely review! I was eyeing up these palettes and glad I’ve found your review, I’ll get actual lipsticks instead…


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