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A Pre-Summer Haul

June 21, 2014

The fact that Summer is right around the corner, makes for a great excuse to purchase new beauty items. With that excuse in mind, I did some serious shopping… Click Read more to take a look at the damage!



Although I probably own enough nail polishes to last me a life time, I still felt like I needed a few more…

A Pre-Summer Haul

… so I bought these two! The left one is a polish from the Complete Salon Manicure range by Sally Hansen in the shade #260 So Much Fawn, which I got on sale. The colour is quite hard to describe, I’d say it’s a brownish pink/peach – that doesn’t sound very attractive, though. In real life it’s lighter and  more warm toned than on the picture. I still have to decide whether I like this colour on my nails or not… Oh well, it costed me only 2 Euros!

The second one is this awesome glittery liquid sand polish called Crush On You 3D Texure #063 by Miss Sporty. I hear it’s a dupe of OPI’s Jinx, because it has the same finish and the same coral shade. I haven’t tried this polish yet, but my expectations are high!

A Pre-Summer Haul

As we all know, protecting your skin against the sun is very important. With that thought in mind, I got myself a bottle of the Biodermal Facial Sunscreen SPF30. On the packaging it says that the lotion is mattifying, non-greasy and waterproof – sounds good, right? I also bought the After Sun Milk from the same brand, because I was looking for a new one to try out. It promises to hydrate your skin and to make your tan last longer, which is exactly what I look for in an After Sun Lotion.

Next is probably my most boring purchase: Kruidvat Cleansing Pads. This is my absolute favourite product to remove my make up with, because the pads take off my make up quickly and gently. I don’t even know how many of these I’ve gone through during the past few years…

A Pre-Summer Haul

I bought three new make up products. The first one is the Revlon Colorburst Lacquer Balm, which I’m very excited about. The shade, called #135 Provocateur, is very bright and very beautiful. I’m looking forward to reviewing this fat little pencil, so keep your eyes out for that!

Speaking of fat little pencils… This one by Essence is called Big Bright Eyes #01 Highlight It… Nude. This pencil is supposed to make your your eyes look bright and awake. You can apply it on your waterline, in your inner corners or underneath your brow bone. The texture is extremely creamy (notice how hard it is to say these two words aloud?), a bit to creamy for my taste… But I will continue using it and I’ll keep you updated!

I was very happy to hear that the British brand MUA is now finally available in stores in the Netherlands! However, my first encounter with the brand wasn’t that nice… The shelf was very messy, most of the testers were missing, and they didn’t have the best palettes (Undress Me Too and Heaven And Earth) in stock. I ended up buying just one vampy red lipstick in the shade #1. I’m already working on the review, in fact I’m wearing the lipstick while typing this blog post…

A Pre-Summer Haul

These are the final three products I got. I didn’t actually buy the first one, a body lotion by Rituals, myself – I got it as a gift. On the tube it says ‘magic touch ultra rich, whipped body cream’, which sounds great! I haven’t tried it yet but the smell (Organic Cherry & Rice Milk) is amazing!

I’ve been loving the Australian hair brand Aussie for quite a while now and a few of their products have already been featured in my monthly favourites (click and click). When Aussie brought out a range of leave-in conditioner sprays, I just knew I had to try one! This is the Miracle Recharge Moisture Lightweight Conditioning Spray, which you can use on dry hair to give it a boost of moisture. So far I’m liking it!

Another product by Aussie: the Luscious Long Conditioner. My hair is quite long at the moment (at least, for me) and this conditioner was on sale for 2,50… I just couldn’t leave it there!

A Pre-Summer Haul

When looking at this picture, I realise that I bought quite a lot of stuff… But come on, how else am I going to prepare myself for summer?




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