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Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

June 24, 2014

As you might already have read in my A Pre-Summer Haul blog post, I was very excited about MUA finally coming to the Netherlands. However, when I got to the store, I ended up buying just this one lipstick, because the other products they had in stock didn’t seem that interesting to me. Nevertheless, I couldn’t wait to try out this vampy dark red lipstick…


It costed me around 3 Euros which is a great price for a lipstick, if you ask me!

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

This is what the tube looks like. It’s a bit cheap looking, but other than that I have no complaints. On the contrary, look at this fancy little detail:

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

When you screw the bottom part of the lipstick off, there is this hidden reservoir. I’ve never seen such a thing before and I honestly can’t not love it!

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

The shade I got is called Shade 1 – I can’t think of a more boring name than that. However, the shade itself looks very beautiful! Let’s find out what the swatches look like…

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

The left swatch on both pictures is one quick swipe of the lipstick, whereas the second one is a few coats. As you can see, the pigmentation is fabulous! Both in the shadow (left photograph) and in the sunlight (right photograph) the finish of the lipstick is shiny but not shimmery.

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

These were my lips before applying the lipstick. I had a few dry patches so I scrubbed my lips, hoping that this would make the application of such a vibrant, dark lipstick easier.

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

Unfortunately, the lipstick still managed to enhance dry areas and it was also very hard to get an even application. The formula is very moisturising, almost wet, so it’s a bit of a struggle to apply it precisely. I used a lip brush for this, as you can see the result looks decent but not perfect. Such a lovely shiny finish, though! The creamy formula felt very nice on my lips, but after a few hours…

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

Damn you, creamy formula! I’ve never experienced this kind of ‘lipstick bleeding’ before, it doesn’t look very appealing… I don’t know if you’re able to see it, but if you click on the picture you can zoom in. I took this picture after a few hours, including a biscuit and a cup of tea (how very English of me). From a distance the lipstick looks okay, but when you come closer you can see that it’s definitely time to reapply the product.

Although the lipstick clearly doesn’t last that long, to my surprise it was very hard to take off. After scrubbing my lips like crazy, I was still left with a red stain. And irritated lips because of the scrubbing.

Review: MUA Lipstick (Shade 1)

Overall, I’m not too sure what my final opinion on this MUA lipstick is. That’s why I’ve listed a few pro’s and con’s for you:



  • The lipstick is very affordable
  • There’s this super secret reservoir
  • The formula feels lovely and creamy
  • The glossy finish looks very pretty
  • I love the shade and the pigmentation



  • The packaging is a bit cheap looking
  • It’s hard to apply this lipstick evenly
  • The lipstick clings to dry patches
  • The wet formula results in lipstick bleeding and it fades quickly
  • It’s a bitch to take off


4 pro’s, 4 con’s… I’ll let you decide for yourself!




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