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Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Brush Concealer

July 13, 2014

I’m sure you’ve heard of the YSL Touche Eclat before, which is a highlighting concealer with a brush applicator. I’ve heard great things about this concealer – it’s bloody expensive, though! Luckily there are many dupes out there, like the Touche Healthy Mix Brush Concealer by Bourjois Paris.



Shockingly, I’ve never tried one of these half-concealer-half-illuminator-with-a-build-in-brush-concealers before. For the past months I’ve been using the The Eraser Eye Concealer by Maybelline (review) underneath my eyes – I absolutely love that one. However, it’s about time that I tried something new! So when I discovered the Bourjois Healthy Mix (LOVE the Healthy Mix Foundation!) version of the Touche Eclat Concealer, I didn’t hesitate to buy it.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

This is what the product looks like: a thin, long tube with at one end a synthetic brush and a turn/click system at the other end to get the liquid out. I like the look of the concealer, with the simple two-coloured design and the sleek shape.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

When opening the packaging for the first time the brush looks like the one on the left picture; all clean and nice. To start using the concealer you have to twist the part at the bottom of the tube (for what felt like half an hour), after which the product comes out through the brush like on the right picture.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

Then you can use the brush to apply a swipe of concealer, like the one shown in the pictures above (left photo: shadow, right photo: sunlight). Next to the first swipe I applied a second and blended that one a bit, which went very well because of the liquid formula.

I expected a bit of shimmer, because Bourjois describes this concealer as illuminating. However, both in the shadow and the sunlight there isn’t any shimmer, sparkle or glitter visible. The shade, called #61 Beige Clair, is a tiny bit lighter than my skin – which is perfect for an undereye concealer!

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

This is what the brush looks like when you’re using it. It doesn’t look very appealing, and unfortunately it isn’t the most hygienic type of product either. But if you’re the only person using it (or if you clean the brush in between uses), that will be no problem. Speaking about using it…

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

On the pictures above you can see the process of applying the concealer. On the first picture I’m wearing no products on my eye whatsoever – as you can see my dark circles aren’t horrible but they are most certainly present. The instructions on the packaging are: apply over dark circles & eyelids for a radiant look, which is exactly what I did before taking the second photograph. Applying the concealer was very easy, you turn the bottom part of the tube, it says click and then you do a few swipes with the brush.

After applying the concealer, you obviously need to blend it out. There’s no point in using the included brush for this, that just doesn’t work. So I used my precious Real Techniques Setting Brush (which I always use for blending concealer), but I’ve also tried using my fingers and that worked perfectly as well. The third picture shows you my eye after blending the product, and the fourth picture is me wearing a full eye make up look.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

Here’s a full face picture. I’ve also applied a bit of concealer to my nose, my forehead and my cupid’s bow, but the effect is hardly noticeable. The product doesn’t contain any shimmer and it’s only slightly lighter than my skin tone, which means I can’t use it as a highlighter.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

Back to the eyes: how long does the concealer last on my under eye area? At the beginning of the day (left picture) I’ve set the concealer with a bit of powder, but I didn’t do any more touch ups during the day. I took the picture on the right at the end of the day, nearly twelve hours later. The concealer has faded a little bit – the darkness underneath my eye is showing through – but it didn’t get cakey or gross! I’m impressed by the lasting powers of this concealer, considering it was long, hot and active day.

Review: Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Concealer

Overall I can say that I’m surprised by the Bourjois Paris Touche Healthy Mix Brush Concealer – in a positive way, that is. The effect didn’t blow me away (the Eraser is still number one for me), but the coverage of the product is actually pretty good. I also like that this concealer is easy to use, blendable and quite long-wearing. If you look for those things in a concealer, then I’d recommend this one for sure!




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  1. beckinablog permalink
    July 24, 2014 7:03 pm

    I’m still yet to try one of these concealing/brightening pens! I keep meaning to but I think I’m stuck in a makeup rut, happy with my current concealer! haha, I’ll have to try this one out, it looks great.


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