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My Non-Beauty Favourites

July 29, 2014

Each month I publish an article about my favourite beauty items, but I’ve never spoken about my non-beauty favourites! Today that will change, because I’m going to show you a few very random, non-beauty related products…


My Non-Beauty Favourites

First off, let’s talk about books! A book I absolutely loved reading is Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion. You’ve probably heard of this story before, because they recently made it into a movie, but it’s about a zombie and a human girl who fall in love with each other. Of course this all sounds very Twilight-ish (which I find nothing wrong with, don’t get me wrong), and I expected it to be like this when I started reading. Turns out: it’s nothing like Twilight at all! It’s less soft and cliché, because it’s written in an unusual, almost philosophical way. Although it’s for sure a romantic story, I think even people who are usually against romantic books will like this one.

The second book I want to talk about is perhaps a bit less well-known, it’s called The Beach Hut by Veronica Henry. This book tells many different intertwining stories that all take place at the beach, mostly love stories but also some about other subjects. It’s a beautifully written book, I could feel the warmth from the words coming through the pages. Within a few days I’ll be leaving for my holiday, and I plan to take this book with me because it’s such a great beach read!

Here’s a book that I’ve shared with you before: my Q&A a day diary. I wrote a blog post (click!) about this book, where I described it as follows. This book, called Q&A a day, asks you a question every day, a whole year long. When you’ve gone through all the pages/dates, you simply start over and write your answer on the second line. The third year, you use the third line – and so on! After five years, the diary is filled with 1825  answers that show you what was going through your head each day. I own this book for nearly two years now, and I still answer the daily question (today is: When was the last time you spoke to your parents?).

Let me present to you my new favourite movie: About Time. If you want to know what the story is about, take a look at the trailer. All I’m going to tell you is that the characters are amazing (mainly because the actors are amazing), the soundtrack is really nice, the script is great and the overall movie is just absolutely lovely.

My Non-Beauty Favourites

Let’s move on to my next favourite thing: candles by Ikea. Ikea is probably not a place where most people would buy their scented candles, but I adore them! They are cheap (those little ones on the picture cost one euro each), they last long and they smell delicious. They have a wide range of scents, from vanilla and spa to apples and flowers. If you’re looking for nice candles but something Bath & Bodyworks is too expensive for you, I’d definitely recommend the Ikea ones.


I forgot to take a picture of this product, so I just took a picture from the Internet. This is a little portable speaker by Philips, which I bought a few weeks ago and I can’t stop using it! Although the speaker is very small (which makes it perfect for travelling), the quality of the sound is actually pretty great. It’s also rechargeable, and, let’s be real, it’s ORANGE!

On that note, let’s end this edition of my non-beauty favourites. I say this edition, because I’m planning on creating such a blog post more often, I just have so many more great books, movies and other things to share with you!




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