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Review: KIKO Colour Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

August 6, 2014

My main activities when I’m in Italy? Eating pizza, of course. Taking pictures, buying ice cream, visiting the Colosseum. And… going to KIKO! During my holiday a few weeks ago, I came across a KIKO store in Milano and picked up a few things from this well-loved Italian beauty brand. Take a look!



Apart from a few nail polishes, I bought two things: a cream eyeshadow and an eye pencil. This is what they looked like before I unpacked them…

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

Just by looking at that lovely packaging, you definitely can’t tell that these products costed me only a few Euros each!

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

This is what the products look like without their boxes, just a regular eye pencil and a cream eyeshadow pot. Let’s start with the pencil:

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

This one is called the Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil #05, a dark brown shade that I love to use for accentuating my eyes. This eye pencil turned out to be perfect for just that, because of its pigmentation, blendability and staying power. I also really like the dark brown shade of it, as it’s less harsh and more natural looking than black. Continue reading for swatches of this pencil!

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

When I first saw the Colour Shock Cream Eyeshadow #104 in the store, it reminded me strongly of the Maybelline Color Tattoos – it looks very similar to the On And On Bronze one. However, the texture is completely different. The Color Tattoos are quite dense and solid, whereas this one has a liquid/mousse formula. This makes it a bit harder to apply the eyeshadow; because of the wet formula and the rich pigmentation you only need the tiniest bit of product. When I swatched this product for the first time I just dipped my finger into it…

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

… creating a rather ‘heavy’ swatch – which is the left one on the picture. When doing the second swatch, I took a bit less product, and blended this out afterwards. It looks like a whole different product! The colour is different – it has more pink tones to it than the first swatch – and the finish is not as metallic but more glittery. So this proves that, by building up the intensity of the eyeshadow, you can get the exact colour and finish you desire.

The third swatch you see is the Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil, as you can see the pigmentation is great! The swatch on the right is a blended line, it’s quite easy to blend the product if you’re quick – after half a minute or so it sets. This is the same with the cream eyeshadow, by the way.


Now, let me show you these products in action! On the first picture I’m not wearing any eye products, on the second one I applied a thin coat of the KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow. To be honest, the eyeshadow let me down at this point. When swatching the product on my arm, I got very excited but on my eye it’s nothing more than a light wash of gold and a lot of glitters. A few days later I tried it again, applying more product this time – but then I just ended up with a metallic silver eyelid.

Before taking the third picture, I lined the outer half of my upper and lower lash line with the KIKO Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil. Then I grabbed my Zoeva Smudger Brush and blended the line, for a smokey eye effect. I also applied the pencil on my upper and lower waterline, which caused my eye to water a bit – don’t know if that’s because of this particular formula or something… Anyway, the fourth picture shows you the result!

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

At the end of the day I took this photograph to show you the staying power of the products. The cream eyeshadow is barely visible, which I didn’t really mind because it didn’t look that pretty anyway… The eye pencil has faded a little bit – especially on the waterline – but luckily it didn’t cause a big mess. Overall I’m quite pleased with the lasting power of the Kajal Pencil!

Review: KIKO Color Shock Cream Eyeshadow + Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil

I think it’s obvious that I don’t recommend the Colour Shock Cream Eyeshadow, as the formula is way too liquid and it just doesn’t look nice on the eyes. I do like the Skinny Fit Kajal Pencil, though! It’s not an astonishing product but it does its job.

Come on KIKO, I know you can do better than this!





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  1. August 7, 2014 9:30 pm

    Jaaa Kiko! Echt een mooie look heb je er mee gemaakt:) Ik heb ook flink ingekocht deze vakantie bij en heb daar een haul filmpje van gemaakt op mijn site!

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