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Sorting out my nail polish stash!

September 5, 2014

One of my many first world problems is the fact that I own way too many nail polishes. There was a time when they all fit inside this one box, and it took me just seconds to find the exact polish I was looking for. However, that was a very long time ago! That’s why I decided to change things up a bit…



Today I will show you the process of sorting out my nail polish stash and also my new arrangement, maybe this will give you some inspiration!

Sorting out my nail polish stash!

This is what my nail polish stash looked like before. A mess, right? In the clear box I kept the nail polish that I used the most, and the other nail polishes were all in the box on the left. The first step of clearing my stash was throwing away a few bottles – or perhaps more than a few…

Sorting out my nail polish stash!

At the end, I ended up with this box completely filled with nail polishes that I don’t use anymore. I’m very proud of myself for being so strict: every polish that I hadn’t used for the past year, had to go on a one-way trip to the garbage bin. L’Oréal, Essence, NYC, Rimmel… All gone now!

Sorting out my nail polish stash!

Here’s a picture showing you what my stash looks like now that I’ve cleared it all out. I tried to sort the nail polishes by function (top coats, hardening polishes, etc.) and brand (Essie, NYC, Bourjois, etc.). I hope that you can see what I mean by looking at the picture, because it took me a lot of fiddling with Paint, haha!

Now the only question that’s left, is: how long will it stay looking all neat and sorted like this? Not that long, I fear…




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