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Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

September 23, 2014

I don’t do nail art. I know I’m not the first one to say this, as many people often complain about how much they suck at doing nail art, but it’s the truth! A few years ago I did try to create a design every once in a while, but now I just don’t think it’s worth the fiddling any more. However, this changed when a webshop called Born Pretty Store kindly offered to sent me one of their products…


I had a look around (they have so many products!), and finally I decided that it would be fun to try out one of their Candy Colored Fan-shaped Nail Art Brushes. These brushes retail for $2.29 each, which obviously isn’t that much money if the quality of the product is good. But is it? Here’s a review!

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

Within a week after ordering the brush, it was delivered at my house. On the picture above you can see its size compared to my hand. The brush is long and thin, and quite elegant looking if you ask me! I also really like the bright pink handle and the pretty gradient effect on the brush hairs.

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

Although the design of the brush is lovely, it is of course way more important that the quality is nice. I often find with cheap brushes that the hairs are not stiff enough or that they fall out easily. Luckily this isn’t the case here; the hairs are firm and soft at the same time and they don’t fall out.

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

Now for the best part: trying the brush! Please keep in mind that I’m not that good at doing nail art and that this is my first time using a fan shaped brush. I just played with it a bit, until I got this decently looking white/blue/purple stripy design.

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

I started off by applying a white base colour to my nails (this one’s by Rimmel London). Then I used Essie’s Butler Please and a purple shade by HEMA (Dutch drug store) to create the blue and purple stripes. To make the stripes, you dip the ends of your brush in a drop of nail polish and then swipe your brush over your nail. I was impressed by how quick and easy this technique is!

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

Here’s another picture I took after cleaning up the edges and applying a top coat. The picture doesn’t do it justice, the nail art design is actually way prettier in real life!

Review: Fan Nail Art Brush

I think it’s clear that I have to practice some more in the nail art department… But this brush makes it pretty easy to create a beautiful looking design – I know for sure that I will be using it again in the future!

Now if you feel inspired and you want to get this brush yourself (or another product, they sell loads of make up, hair products, accessories and other things), here’s a 10 % off code for you: AAZW10. Enjoy!




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