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Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

September 28, 2014

Caramel, candles, skinny jeans… Some things I just can’t get enough of. The same goes for Real Techniques brushes! I own about eight of them now, all face brushes so I decided that I needed to try out one of their eye brushes as well. So here it is – yet another brush review – my review of the Real Techniques Shading Brush.



I picked up this brush for approximately 10 Euros at a make up store in Groningen (my new home city!), but of course you can also get one at the Real Techniques website.

Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

This is what the brush looks like compared to my hand; it is quite small so you can use it for precise application or blending of your eye make up. I’ve also heard that some people like using it for blending concealer, so I tried that as well. I’ll tell you all about it in a bit!

Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

But first: look at the beauty that is this brush… I’ve never owned a Real Techniques brush from the eye range before, so the purple colour is new to me – and I must say I love the shade that they used!

Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

The hairs are very soft, nicely cut, don’t fall out and have the exact right amount of firmness to them – that’s always the case with Real Techniques brushes (gets quite boring, doesn’t it?)

Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

I’ve used the Shading Brush for a good couple of weeks now, and I really cannot think of anything bad to say about it. The size and shape are absolutely perfect, because they allow you to pack on eyeshadows, blend the colours and do contouring work in the crease + the outer corner of your eyes. For me, this brush is a bit too small to blend out my undereye concealer (unless you prefer a very precise application), but for blemish concealing it works perfectly. This brush is a real multitasker, if you ask me!

Review: Real Techniques Shading Brush

Yep, that’s the word to describe this brush: multitasker. If my house burnt down and I could only save one eye brush, this would be the one. I guess that goes to show how much I’m in love with this little brush…




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