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What’s on my beauty wish list?

October 12, 2014

A week ago the month of October has started. Which means it’s almost November. Which means it’s almost Christmas time! Maybe that’s a bit optimistic, but still I thought it’s the perfect time of the year to start creating a wish list. Here’s mine!


What's on my beauty wish list?

For the past year my absolute favourite scent has been the Miss Dior Eau The Toilette, but whenever I smell the La Vie Est Belle perfume at a Lancôme counter I start to seriously doubt that. It smells SO good! That’s why, at the first time I smelled it, I’ve decided that I need this product in my life (because we all know that having one divine and ridiculously expensive perfume isn’t enough…)

What's on my beauty wish list?

Talking about ridiculously expensive – who pays £40.00 for a candle?! Well, every single British beauty YouTuber ever… At the end of every month, a Jo Malone candle is featured in at least one monthly favourites video, especially Tanya Burr loves these candles to death because they smell so delicious. You can imagine that I now want to try one!

What's on my beauty wish list?

I guess that you are all pretty bored of me raving about how wonderful Real Techniques is, but I just love every single brush from that brand to pieces! That’s why I’m desperate to try the new collection they’ve just come uit with: Nic’s Picks. The set features a duo fiber face brush (which I’ve already reviewed before), a cheek brush and three eyeshadow brushes. I’m especially curious about this quite dense looking cheek brush, I don’t think I’ve tried anything like that before!


How many times have I found myself drooling over this beautiful product, wishing it was mine? I’ve lost count. The product I’m talking about is the Shimmer Brick, a highlighting powder by Bobbi Brown. In the packaging it looks stunning, and on the face it’s even more beautiful. One day, this beauty will be in my collection! €46, however, is a lot of money…


Here’s a less expensive item on my beauty wish list: the Volume Million Lashes Mascara by L’Oréal Paris. First of all, the packaging looks lovely! This mascara is a favourite amongst many beauty bloggers, as it’s said to add loads of volume and length to your lashes. I’ve also heard many people complaining about this mascara (lots of clumps), though, so I’m still hesitating…


Lastly, I want to share with you a skin care tool, called the Clarisonic Mia 2. For those of you who don’t know, this is a face brush that has little rotating hairs and that you can use together with your cleanser to thoroughly clean your skin at night. This product is recommended by many dermatologists and it has won loads of prices. The reason why I haven’t bought this amazing product is because of the price: €149. Secretly I’m hoping that there will soon be a more affordable dupe on the market!

And there you have it – all the products that are currently on my beauty wish list. Although I know for sure that during the upcoming months I can’t help but add a few more items to the list…





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