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Halloween NOTD: I ripped off my nail!!

October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! For this special occasion I created a nail art design that is not very happy at all…

Click read more if you want to see my ripped off NOTD and to find out what products and tutorial helped me to create this awful look!



Let’s start with a disgusting close up of the ripped off nail. Are you ready?

Halloween NOTD: I ripped off my nail!!

Creating this effect was actually pretty simple, I used the YouTube tutorial by Sandi from CutePolish to do it. What made this also very easy, is that my nail was actually extremely short before I started, as it broke a few days ago. Therefore, it really looks like I have no nail at all!

Like I said, I just followed the steps from the video so I highly recommend you to watch it if you want to create a look like this. I did make a few alterations, like wearing fake nails on each of my fingers and also applying lipstick around the nail bed to make the skin look irritated. I used white eyelash glue because I don’t own a clear one, but that turned out to be no problem at all. I skipped the last part where Sandi created dimension with a darker red polish, whereas I did decide to use fake blood unlike she did. Also, I didn’t start off with applying a nude nail polish but I just left my nail bare.

Halloween NOTD: I ripped off my nail!!

This is what my whole hand looks like – I love the contrast between the glamorous manicured nails and the bloody ring finger!

Halloween NOTD: I ripped off my nail!!


Halloween NOTD: I ripped off my nail!!

Here’s a list of every product I used to create this nail art:

  • Primark Beauty French Manicure Fake Nails
  • Eylure Lashfix Strip Lash Adhesive
  • Maybelline Color Show Nail Laquer #352 Downtown Red
  • Dempsey’s Stage Blood – review
  • MUA Lipstick #1 – review
  • Tools: lip brush, tooth pick, nail clipper, tweezers


I hope you’ve enjoyed my Halloween NOTD (and that you never rip off your nail like this because it looks pretty painful)!




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