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Review: MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette

December 18, 2014

In my opinion, eyeshadow palettes are some of the best make up items to collect. Nothing gets me excited like swatching a new eyeshadow palette – that is, if the quality of the eyeshadows is any good. Let’s take a look at this new Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette from the low-budget brand MUA…

Review: MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette

The packaging looks simple and a bit cheap – which it actually is (six Euros in the Netherlands) so I don’t really mind. The eyeshadows themselves look amazing, I can’t wait to play around with them!


Here you can see the sponge applicator that they included – plus my pretty Christmas tree on the background. Personally, I don’t use these kinds of brushes because they really don’t work for me. (Nail polish on the picture is Essie’s In Stitches – looks a bit strange in this light, though)


This is what the colours are called:

Pyxis – Apus – Aquila – Equuleus – Cetus – Orion

Lupus – Monoceros – Sagitta – Hydra – Vela – Pavo


Pyxis – Apus – Aquila – Equuleus – Cetus – Orion                                                                                                   Lupus – Monoceros – Sagitta – Hydra – Vela – Pavo

These are the swatches in the shadow. The pigmentation is okay but I’m not that happy with it. I do like the colour selection – cool toned, grey/blue eyeshadows are exactly what I was looking for!


Pyxis – Apus – Aquila – Equuleus – Cetus – Orion –                                                                                                   Lupus – Monoceros – Sagitta – Hydra – Vela – Pavo

To be completely honest with you, I think in the sunlight these eyeshadows look cheap. They are very glittery (the lower row as well, although it doesn’t look like it on the picture) and have a bit of a metallic sheen to them.

Starry Night Palette (MUA)

Here are the eyelooks I created using this palette, I used an eyeshadow base (NYX HD Eye Shadow Base) but I didn’t apply mascara or eyeliner. For my right eye (so the upper left picture) I wanted to create a grey, smokey look with a bit of blue added in. Overall I was disappointed by the pigmentation of the shadows, as it took me quite a long time to get the right results. I used the shades: Sagitta (lid), Hydra (outer half of lid), Orion + Cetus (crease + outer V) and I finished with trying to line my lash line with Orion but that didn’t work out so well due to the poor pigmentation. Also, when I started blending, the colours all kind of blended together and then I had to start building up the intensity again.

The left eye (upper right picture) didn’t work out very well either, where I tried creating a purple eye look. I experienced the same pigmentation and blending issues, so again I was left with a mediocre result. In this case it isn’t that big of a deal for me, because I like the soft, subtle purple effect. The shades I used are: Pyxis + Apus (lid), Pavo (outer half), Vela (crease) and Orion (lash line).

The lower picture shows you what the two eye looks look like in the sunlight: glitter overload!


This is what the palette looks like after using it for the first time. As you can probably tell from the picture, the eyeshadows are quite crumbly and the fallout combined with the glitter make the palette look instantly messy.


Although I will certainly try to create some better looks with this palette in the future – or maybe using it in combination with eyeshadows from other brands – I don’t think I will be using the MUA Starry Night Eyeshadow Palette that often. I just don’t like the metallic looking glitter and the poor pigmentation… Even considering the low price, I think an eyeshadow palette should perform better than this. Too bad!




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