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January Favourites

February 2, 2015

Finally it’s the end of January! It seems as though the sun is aware of this fact, as it came and had a look at me while I was taking the pictures of my monthly favourites. Click Read more to find out which products I’ve been loving during the start of this new year!


January Favourites

In my previous haul I already showed you this cute lip balm. I adore Burt’s Bees lip balms and skin care products in general, so I had a feeling that this little one would eventually end up in my monthly favourites. And here it is! Although the scent is a bit different and may not be for everyone, I like it. I also like that this balm thoroughly moisturises my lips and it tints them ever so slightly (swatch is below).

The second product that I’ve been loving this month is the Burberry Brit Eau the Toilette, which recently bought. During the past weeks this has been my go-to everyday scent – it just smells so lovely and a bit like winter, which may be because of the hints of pear in it. Plus: the packaging is really pretty!

I must admit that I kind of had to get used to this nail polish by Essie, because it’s not a colour that I’d usually wear. However, now I’m really liking it! This chic pink/mauve/nude colour is very easy to combine with different clothing items, so it’s a very safe choice if you don’t know yet what you’re going to wear. To see what this polish looks like on my nails, click here for a photograph.

January Favourites

The Rimmel blush on this picture somehow found its way in to my everyday make up stash, and it’s here to stay! The colour, #190 Coral, is a bit of a mixture between a blush and a bronzer shade (swatch is below) so I imagine that it would also be a great summertime product. The formula is a bit too chalky for my taste, but the colour is just so pretty that I tend to look past that.

A brush that I’ve been using loads is this blending brush by Zoeva, from the Eye Definition Brush Set. Why? Because the shape and size are perfect, the quality is excellent and the hairs are THE SOFTEST.

The pencil in this picture is by Bourjois Paris. Although the shade name is #73 Deep Green, it also has a lot of blue in it. I’d say it’s petrol/green, which happens to be one of my favourites colours! Besides the colour, the texture of this pencil is also amazing: pigmented, soft, blendable (only right after you’ve applied it though) and long-lasting. I’ve been using this pencil for creating a very simple look; just lining my eyes with it, smudging it and then applying a bit of mascara.

January Favourites

My new favourite facial scrub is this orange one by Freeman. It smells of apricots – a very delicious and original scent, if you ask me! However, the real reason that I fell in love with this is because of the richness and creaminess of this scrub. Other scrubs tend to make my skin feel really dry and squeaky clean, but after this one my face just feels soft and fresh.

Speaking about soft and fresh skin… Since a few months the Revlon Gentle Cleansing Milk has been a new addition to my evening skin care routine. What can I say – it does the job: removing my facial make up quickly without irritating or dehydrating my skin. Another great benefit is that I only need a little bit of this to take off my make up, so it will take me a long time to finish this huge bottle! Didn’t stop me from already buying a back up, though…

My room has been smelling lovely because of this new discovered product: the Rituals Lotus Secret Home Fragrance Sticks. I can’t describe the scent of this but it’s incredible! Unfortunately the sticks are quite expensive as well, these ones are £14.50 and this is only the small version…

January Favourites

Here are swatches of some of the products I just talked about: Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Blush #190 Coral, Burt’s Bees Replenishing Pomegranate Oil Lip Balm, Bourjois Paris Effet Smoky Eyeliner #73 Deep Green.

January Favourites

And here is one final shot of my beloveds, including my all time favourite: the sun.





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