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When you are as obsessed with make up as I am, sitting in your room experimenting with make up is just not enough. I want to go out! It’s not about showing people my skills (although I rather enjoy that part), but mostly about helping people with their projects and entertaining myself by doing what I love.

This page shows you a list of the projects I am/was working on. I will update this list very once in a while, so when I have new projects or pictures they will be included. The different projects are listed from new to old, so on top of this page are the most recent ones I’m working on.



One of the things that make me very unhappy is when people around me don’t appreciate the importance of make up. I know that not every one is as crazy about it as I am, but for instance I honestly can’t stand watching a play when the actors don’t wear make up. That’s why I got in touch with a few groups of actors and offered them to do their stage make up. Luckily they were happy to accept my offer, and ever since I’ve been working at a few plays.

Stage Make Up



Bridal Make UpIn the summer of 2013 I did my very first wedding make up! One of my teacher’s family members was getting married in August – and she hired me and my friend Loïs to do the make up and photography. I had an absolute blast – the make up worked out perfectly and the wedding was so lovely! I wrote an article about the wedding day, click here to read it and see the beautiful pictures Loïs took that day. Also, I made a tutorial showing you how to create the bridal look, click here to go to the video and a list of every product I used.

Meanwhile, me and my friend are still doing weddings and we love it. If you live in Holland and you want to book us to do your wedding make up/photography/video, you can send an email to

I’d love to hear from you!

Bridal Make Up Suzanne



When my friend Jesper and his nephew Niels asked me to do the make up for the film they were planning to create, I immediately said yes! Jesper describes this project as “the epic upcoming scifi-action movieseries”, in my eyes it’s just a way to transform my friends into aliens and put battle wounds all over their faces – sounds like loads of fun, right?



Make up from the previous century

Working on some face charts…

This was a project for art class. During a full year, I was working on something huge… The end result consists of four photographs of my face, wearing make up in the style of 1920, 1940, 1960 and 1980. You can check out the  four photo’s by going to this article and here is a behind the scenes video, featuring a happy ukulele song!

1940 make up

One of the four photo’s, this is the 1940 (Marilyn Monroe) themed one.



Make Over
Me doing the make up of one of our models.

My friend Loïs (photographer) and I both work for the school paper, we take care of the make over. Students, teachers… our list of victims is very long! I’ve dedicated a special part of my blog to this project, click “Make Overs” if you want to see some more pictures! Also, I have a separate blog post dedicated to one of the photo shoots,  to read it.

Make Over
This photo was taken in a professional studio – pretty, huh? I love the way her cheekbone highlight turned out!



Me painting Tim’s hair black for his role as Emmett.

With my closest friends, I have been working on a project that’s very dear to me: our fanmade Twilight Saga Trailer. A few years ago, we started making this little movie for a competition that unfortunately got cancelled. But we decided to keep on going, and last summer the trailer was finally finished! I would love it if you’d take a look at the trailer and the behind the scenes as well. Pay attention to the make up, that was of course my job :) click for another BTS video of me transforming my friend Merle into Bella Swan!



For art class, we had to design a CD cover. By picking songs with ‘eyes’ in the title, I found a way to make this whole thing about make up :) I tried to capture the style of the songs into an eye look, and I think it worked out pretty well! I made a video of the result, take a look!


Two of the four covers I made.

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